Germany eases travel ban to Egypt

Germany has eased its travel ban to Egypt, advising its citizens to exercise caution when traveling to Egypt, particularly in tourist areas overlooking the Red Sea.

Germany had originally imposed a complete travel ban to Egypt.

A statement issued by the German Embassy in Cairo on Wednesday said the German government advises its citizens to avoid traveling to the Nile Delta and to stay away from protests and gatherings, particularly in front of houses of worship.

Germany also advised its citizens to avoid traveling to Nile valley areas south of Cairo all the way to the north of Luxor as well as to desert areas around cities.

It also advised against travel to the Saint Catherine Monastery and land trips to Luxor, Aswan and isolated desert areas, particularly border areas with Libya and Sudan.

It also urged its tourists to stay at their tourist resorts on the Red Sea.

Edited translation from MENA

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