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German mayor names park after murdered Egyptian citizen Marwa al-Sherbini

The mayor of the German city of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert unveiled proposals for a “Marwa al-Sherbini Park” in front of the city’s regional court, in memory of Egyptian Marwa al-Sherbini, who was killed in 2009 by a right-wing racist inside the Dresden court.

The naming of the park coincides with the start of the “International Weeks against Racism”.

The step comes to shed light on the crimes hate crimes borne from racism at the damage they cause, aiming to raise awareness of the danger of the extremist right-wing ideas to society.

Sherbiny, who was three months pregnant, was stabbed to death at the Dresden courtroom in front of her husband and child, while giving testimony regarding a lawsuit she had filed against the perpetrator, who had stigmatized her with the terms “Islamic extremist” and “terrorist”.

The crime sparked widespread shock and the perpetrator, a Russian-German, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder.

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