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Gaza is ‘dying of starvation’ – a look on the ground

Most of their days are filled with the hardship of searching for food.

Two million hungry residents of Gaza, on the midst of the holy month of Ramadan, are barely able to find food to keep themselves alive.

In a report on Monday evening, The New York Times monitored the worsening famine Gaza’s residents are suffering from and warning this would also be the scene along al-Saftawi Street in two weeks.

Amani Mutair, 52 years old, roams the streets north of Gaza City in search of food. There, people sell or trade the food they have.

In the far north at Beit Lahia, Aseel Mutair, 21 years old, said that she and her family of four all share a pot of soup from an aid kitchen twice last week.

One day they only had tea, she added.

Nizar Hamad, 30 years old, lives in a tent in Rafah with seven other adults and four children. He has not received aid for two weeks, and has worked for two days in a market to earn enough money to buy some rice from a street vendor.

The New York Times reported the United Nations as saying that the risk of famine and death from starvation have become severe, as the war in Gaza enters its sixth month.

Relief organizations have also announced that deaths due malnutrition have begun to appear.

The New York Times said that the Israeli bombing and siege stifled imports and froze agriculture.

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