GASCO: 72 bcm of gas pumped through national grid in 2022

The Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO) said that nearly 72 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas were pumped through the National Gas Grid to the domestic market and exported in 2022.

The company secured the needs of the electricity sector, in addition to other economic sectors. The exported quantities recorded an increase by 33 percent in 2022 compared to 2021.

During a general assembly meeting of GASCO on Tuesday14/3/203, Petroleum Minister Tareq el Molla said his ministry attaches great importance to developing the main infrastructure, noting that this infrastructure was used to supply natural gas from the Eastern Mediterranean region to Europe to meet part of its needs.

For his part, GASCO’s Chairman, Yasser Salah El Din said that last year, the GASCO’s National Advanced Transmission and Automation Center (NATA) examined about 269 kilometers of the pipelines of the national natural gas network.

The center also examined another group of gas, crude oil and products owned by sister companies, with a length of 788 kilometers, he added.

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