Gamal Mubarak support campaigns kick off in Sharqiya and Daqahliya

Posters supporting the nomination of Gamal Mubarak, general secretary of the Policies Committee and deputy secretary general of the National Democratic Party (NDP), for the forthcoming presidential election have been appearing all over Daqahlia governorate in the last two days. The posters were printed by the Egyptian Coalition for the Support of Gamal Mubarak.

Mohamed Ghoneim, coordinator of the opposition National Association for Change in Daqahlia, accused security forces and the regime of putting up the posters.

In Sharqiya, the Mubarak support coalition has launched a campaign to gather signatures supporting the nomination of Mubarak junior. Ahmed al-Menshawi, coordinator of the campaign, said that all signatories are required to show their national identity cards first to ensure the validity of their signatures.

The coalition is also in the process of opening up offices throughout Egypt to gather further signatures, Al-Masry Al-Youm has learned.

Sources from the Youth Secretariat of the NDP said that a committee has recently been formed to launch e-campaigns on Facebook to support the nomination of Mubarak junior. In contradiction, Mohamed Heiba, youth secretary at the NDP, denied any connection with these campaigns, adding that they have been set up by individual supporters.

The NDP website further described the poster and e-campaigns supporting Mubarak junior as attempts to foster the illusion that that there is competition between two opposing groups, one supporting Mubarak junior and the other Mohamed ElBaradei, former International Atomic Energy Agency chief and would-be presidential candidate.

Door-knocking campaigns have also kicked off throughout the country by ElBaradei's supporters in a quest to gather signatures on the popular call for political changes that would allow for free and fair elections. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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