Gamal Mubarak: NDP’s electoral campaign program will cost LE2 trillion

The National Democratic Party’s (NDP) presidential campaign program will cost LE2 trillion, according to Secretary General of the NDP Policies Secretariat Gamal Mubarak.

Mubarak, speaking on Wednesday, said the money will be spent on the implementation of 75 electoral promises over the next five years.

Those promises include raising incomes levels of one and a half million Egyptian families living below poverty level, and increasing the country's annual growth rate to 7 percent, effectively reducing unemployment rates by a third, the president's son added. Mubarak also said middle class expansion and pension reform are on the agenda.

Mohamed Kamal, member of the Policies Secretariat steering office, said the NDP will propose Muslim and non-Muslim personal status legislation in the upcoming parliamentary session. The party will also implement trade union reform that will regulate union board elections, giving its members the opportunity to assume leadership status in the absence of a quorum, Kamal added.

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