GAHAR launches “Egypt health indicator”

The General Authority for Healthcare Accreditation & Regulation (GAHAR) launched a project of indicators of national performance of the hospitals “Egypt health indicator” to unify and measure the indicators of healthcare quality inside hospitals in a number of health sectors in Egypt.

Head of GAHAR Ahmed Taha, in his word during an expert meeting to launch the project organized by GAHAR and the World Health Organization, asserted the importance of the project.

The project will allow a periodic measurement of the quality at health facilities to guarantee sustainable improvement and contribute to standing on the points of strength and weakness in those facilities, he said.

He said the accreditation certificate of GAHAR is not an aim in itself but it is a quality application and a starting point towards continuous improvement.

“Egypt health indicator” project aims at putting unified Egyptian measurement reference that enable comparing the performance of health facilities at the national and regional levels, he said, adding that these references will allow measuring the effect of applying standards of quality and accreditation on improving the health system in the facilities.

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