Fuel shortage in 117 gas stations in Cairo from moving the Mostorod warehouse

The gas stations division of the Chambers of Commerce Federation is meeting on Monday to discuss the shortage of fuel in the Misr Petroleum gas stations in Cairo.
Sources said there are 25 out of 117 stations owned and managed by Misr Petroleum and the rest by agents.
They said the daily supply went down by 50 percent in the stations owned by agents, which means the company is breaching the agreement with its agents, who could report it to the authorities.
The sources attributed the shortage to the company having sold its warehouse in Mostorod to an oil refinery without being prepared to move out, which caused the problem that has been going on for three weeks.
The division asked the petroleum minister to give the company one week to end the shortage.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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