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Video: Fourth group of hostages released as Hamas and Israel agree to extend truce in Gaza

The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of the Hamas movement, published a video clip of Monday showing the handover of 11 hostages – including women and children – in the Gaza Strip, as part of the fourth round of the exchange agreement.

The process of handing over the hostages took place in southern Gaza, where the Egyptian security delegation moved to Gaza to receive them.

In return, the Israeli authorities released 33 Palestinian prisoners, made up of three women and 30 teenagers.

“After undergoing an initial assessment of their medical condition, our forces will accompany the returnees until they reach their families in the hospitals,” the Israeli army announced in a statement.

During the four days of the war’s first truce, Hamas released 69 Israeli captives, while Israel freed 150 Palestinian women and children prisoners.

Israel and Hamas agreed on Monday to extend the truce for two more days.

The agreement’s extension will increase the amount of humanitarian aid reaching the beleaguered Gaza Strip, and enable the release of dozens of more hostages.

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