Four areas in al-Bahariya oasis chosen to be natural reserves

Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif has named the areas of al-Dast, al-Maghrafa, the British Mountain and the Black Desert–all located at al-Bahariya Oasis–natural reserves, with the intention of preserving their natural and cultural riches.

Maged George, Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, said al-Bahariya Oasis was chosen due to its location between Siwa Oasis in the north and the White Desert in the south. It was recently known as an area of scientific research after fossils of the world’s second largest dinosaur were discovered there.

In a press statement yesterday, George said the government’s decision aims to stop all agricultural and construction activities in the area, as they may lead to its deterioration. The decision also aims to develop environmental tourism, through visits to the only dinosaur area in Egypt, as well as archeological sites closeby.

According to George, al-Bahariya oasis is characterized by its rich biodiversity. The al-Dast and al-Maghrafa areas are known for being areas for vertebrate paleontology research since 1910. The Black Desert area, which is composed of dark hills, is known as a touristic attraction.

The British Mountain is located in the area between the Mandisha village and al-Baweety city. George explained that it was given its name due to the British occupation in the area of the oasis.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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