Former state security chief admits ordering destruction of documents

Hassan Abdel Rahman, former head of state security, has said to investigators that he ordered his subordinates to shred and burn state security files, said the official spokesperson for the Public Prosecution, Adel Al-Saeed.

Abdel Rahman justified himself by saying that he feared that secret documents would fall into the hands of foreigners or dangerous elements who may have infiltrated the ranks of Egypt's pro-democracy protesters, and could be used to harm the country.
He added that he made the decision because the documents exist also in digital format, on CDs and on the main computer at state security headquarters.
Meanwhile, Public Prosecution has also started investigating the destruction of 120 tons of state security files in an isolated area near Suez. Investigations have revealed that Suez state security officials planned to get rid of documents at the site, approximately 45 kilometers to the west of of the city.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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