Former regime supporters attack event criticizing SCAF

People loyal to Egypt's former regime attacked several April 6 Youth Movement activists Sunday in Sharqiya Governorate while they were organizing an event critical of the country's ruling military council.

The activists had been screening videos in the streets of Abu Kebir city as part of a nationwide awareness campaign. The videos showed violations made by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

A group that included supporters of the regime and the former ruling National Democratic Party insulted and attacked the April 6 movement members. The organizers ended the show, Al-Ahram newspaper quoted movement spokesperson Ahmed Gamal as saying.

News website Masrawy reported that Muslim Brotherhood youth confronted the attackers and protected the organizers.

The awareness campaign that the April 6 movement is involved in, called "Liars," launched 5 January. Activists are organizing marches and other activities to raise awareness ahead of planned protests in Tahrir Square on 25 January, the anniversary of the beginning of the revolution.

The movement issued a statement Sunday before the attack assuring that it will continue efforts to rally protesters on 25 January. It also blamed the SCAF in advance for any violence.

The April 6 Youth Movement has been very critical of the military council's performance since it assumed power in February. In July, the SCAF accused the group of treason after a march it had planned that would end at the council's headquarters.

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