Former PM Ebeid to face corruption investigations

Egypt's Administrative Prosecution Authority referred on Tuesday Egypt's former cabinet minister Atef Ebeid to investigation into charges of corruption and squandering public funds.

The authority's head, Taymour Kamel, said the referring order also applies to Mukhtar Khattab, the former minister of public business.

Ebeid served as Egypt's prime minister for a controversial 1994-2004 term.

In April, Egypt's Public Prosecution banned Ebeid from travelling as investigators found him to be involved in profiteering from and damaging public funds.

During his stint, Ebeid privatized several successful state-owned firms, selling them at cheap rates.

In a statement on Tuesday, the administrative prosecution said it asked the public prosecution to resume interrogations into both officials about their responsiblity for selling the Arab Foreign Trade Company for a price significantly lower than its real value.

It also called upon the current cabinet to revoke the sale and adopt necessary measures to protect the company’s assets and workers’ rights.

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