Former MP turns himself in over defective blood bags case

Hani Soroua, a former member of parliament from President Hosni Mubarak’s National Democratic Party and the chairman of a company accused of distributing defective blood bags to public hospitals, turned himself in to the Court of Cassation yesterday along with two other fugitives.

The court said it will rule on the case on 17 July. The three defendants will be kept in custody until then.

Sorour declined to answer journalists’ questions on where he was hiding before turning himself in.
The defendants’ lawyers called for reversing the rulings against the defendants and reviewing the case again. The prosecution, on the other hand, called for rejecting the appeal request and upholding the rulings.
Some of Sorour’s relatives and a number of workers from Hidelina–the company Sorour chaired– were present in the court room during the session.
Sorour’s team of lawyers submitted a 406-page memorandum of appeal. The memorandum claims the court ruling passed against Sorour is void since Article 312 of the law on criminal procedures states that the grounds for a ruling must be presented and signed 30 days from the date of the ruling. Sorours’ lawyers claim the court missed this deadline.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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