Former Libyan figure expresses support to IS

Former Coordinator of Egyptian-Libyan relations Ahmed Qaddaf al-Dam expressed support to the Islamic State terrorist group saying it should have been established 50 years ago.
In an interview on Saturday aired on the privately-owned Dream 2 TV channel, Qaddaf al-Dam attributed his support to IS to Arab governments' failure to propose a project to defend the dignity of the Arab nation, saying that young members of the group have nothing to do but resort to God.
He argued that a war waged by the West against Arabs has begun and now Arab countries are fighting each other.
Qaddaf Dam also expressed hope to meet with former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, saying “My testimony about him is that he was keen on ties between Egypt and the rest of Arab countries. He also has an influence of [former Libyan leader] Qaddafi.”
Qaddaf al-Dam, who is Qaddafi’s cousin, was arrested in March 2013 at house located in Zamalek in Cairo over charges of possession of weapons and ammunition as well as attacking police at the time of his arrest. Prosecution ordered to detain him for 30 days until procedures of the Libyan extradition request are finished.
Edited translation from MENA

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