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Former Israeli Defense Minister tells Egypt ‘We will invade Rafah despite your anger’

Israeli Knesset member, former Defense Minister and leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, Avigdor Lieberman, criticized the Israeli government for “hesitating to invade the Palestinian city of Rafah so far in fear of Egypt.”

Lieberman made these remarks during a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

He accused the government of being weak and indecisive, and of failing to take the necessary steps to protect Israeli citizens from Palestinian attacks.

During his talk with Israeli Radio 103fm Lieberman launched a sharp attack on Egypt and claimed that it was the reason behind the smuggling of all the anti-tank missiles now in Hamas’ possession through Sinai.

He demanded the invasion of Rafah in spite of Egypt’s objections.

Lieberman said: “Israel must control the Philadelphia axis despite Egypt’s anger. The Egyptians allowed smuggling before and we must implement the operation immediately.”

“The Egyptians cannot escape responsibility, the Egyptians allowed all smuggling operations to the Gaza Strip,” he claimed.

He added: “There is very strong intelligence information, stating that all the smuggling operations, and all the anti-tank missiles that Hamas uses against us, everything was smuggled from Sinai to the Gaza Strip, and it cannot continue like this. ”

“I raise this point very sharply because I do not find any benefit from talks with Egypt. The way we deal with Egypt is also intolerable… and therefore there must be one clear and strict address in Israel towards the Egyptians.”

Lieberman stressed: “We have to be wise and just. Qatar and Egypt are not the solution, but rather they are part of the problem. They create a problem and then try to mediate. There was no reason to agree to transfer Qatari funds to the Gaza Strip, and there is no reason for us to allow these players to play a double game – everyone is playing a double game at Israel’s expense.”

He said: “The most difficult problem is the entire Philadelphia corridor. The State of Israel must control the Philadelphia axis, and of course Rafah as well.”

Egypt repeatedly warned of Israel’s intentions to attack the city of Rafah or carry out a military operation in the Philadelphia axis, at a time when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Tel Aviv would not end the war without closing the gap there.

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