Former first lady visits son in prison

Former first lady Suzanne Thabet visited her son Alaa Mubarak in Tora prison on Saturday, along with Alaa's wife Hiedi Rasekh. Prison authorities did not allow a visit to former President Hosni Mubarak as they had not obtained a permit from the general prosecutor.

"The visit [to Alaa] was made after they obtained a permit from the general prosecutor. Suzanne had with her two large bags stuffed with food and various drinks, as well as a large amount of white clothing that prisoners pending investigation wear," a security source said.

"The regulations of the Egyptian prisons sector state that prisoners are not allowed visits in the first 30 days of their incarceration," the source pointed out regarding potential visits to Mubarak.
He added that Suzanne was able to visit her husband last Sunday, having taken advantage of Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim's decision to grant all inmates one extraordinary visit between 26 May to 24 June for the celebration of Egyptian Labor Day.
Edited translation from MENA

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