Former armed forces chief of staff to run for president

Magdi Hatata, former chief of staff of the Egyptian armed forces, is to run for president in the upcoming elections, according to informed sources.

Hatata, 70, is currently consulting with specialists to prepare a program for political, economic and social development to be announced soon.

Hatata was against the constitutional amendments recently voted on in a referendum, supporting instead the creation of a new constitution for the country. He favors extending the transition period to nine months, after which parliamentary elections would be held, followed by presidential elections.

He has also said that he supports freedom in establishing political parties and freedom of the press, and contended that recent labor protests were an inevitable side effect of any revolution.

Hatata is a veteran of the October War. He served as army chief of staff, head of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, commander of the second field army, and leader of the republican guard.

He has an MA in military science, a fellowship of the Nasser Military Academy’s Higher War College, and he teaches at the Army’s Command and General Staff College.

Hatata is married with four children.

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