Forensic Medicine head: Gendy death not accident

Magda al-Qaradawy, head of the Forensic Medicine Department at the Justice Ministry, told the Qasr al-Nil Prosecution Saturday that Popular Current activist Mohamed al-Gendy’s death was not due to a car accident, adding that she was unable to discern the cause of death.

Qaradawy, who heads the tripartite committee investigating the original death report for Gendy, said that she was unable to prove that he died as a result of torture.

She added, however, that his injuries showed that he either “hit a solid body” or was subjected to violence and torture.

The team did not find any proof that Gendy was injured in the way that the report described.  Its original report, issued Wednesday, recommended examining witness testimonies again.

“The victim was injured in the head by a sharp tool. It’s hard to assure if the death was a result of torture or not,” the report said, without establishing a cause of death.

Mohamed al-Gendy disappeared 28 January from Tahrir Square during protests commemorating the second anniversary of the 2011 uprising. He was later found in a hospital and died shortly thereafter.

The hospital's report said he had been in a car accident, but many activists accuse security forces of torturing him to death.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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