Foreign Ministry asks Dubai to allow detainees to receive visits

The Foreign Ministry is negotiating with security authorities in Dubai to allow Egyptian detainees currently held in the United Arab Emirates to receive visits from the families and members of the committee organized to handle their case.

Sources from the committee, which is formed out of trade unions affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, said that the "committee has no information about the detention of the Egyptians who are among the 94 Islamists referred to court on charges of conspiracy against the regime in Abu Dhabi."

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity.  

Abdallah al-Ashal, secretary general of the National Council for Human Rights, reportedly said that the council would discuss the case of the detainees on Wednesday.

Committee member Abdallah al-Keryouny said several syndicates would meet on Sunday to propose resolutions to the situation. He stressed the need to ask international human rights groups to intervene.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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