Foreign Minister: Galloway to enter Egypt under no circumstances

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has announced that George Galloway, British politician and coordinator of the Gaza Lifeline convoy, will be prohibited entry in Egypt.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said Egypt has informed all countries through which the convoy is passing that regulations for deliverance of the aid to Gaza stipulate that all cargo be deposited at Arish seaport in order for the Egyptian Red Crescent to transfer it into the Strip.

The spokesman said Egypt wishes no problems to occur during the operation.

Galloway started his convoy on Sunday from the House of Commons in London. It is expected to reach the Arish seaport early next month, from where its cargo will be transferred to the Strip through the Rafah crossing.

The convoy will reach the Syrian Lattakia seaport via Turkey at the end of this month and then sail to Arish. The convoy includes 150 trucks carrying humanitarian aid, accompanied by 350 supporters of the Palestinian cause from 20 different countries.

Egyptian authorities deported Galloway in January and declared him a “persona non grata” when he became involved in a dispute with Egyptian security forces over the number of trucks allowed to pass to the strip from another convoy. Clashes erupted between security and members of the convoy, leading to casualties on both sides.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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