Following in Hurghada’s footsteps, plastic bags to be banned in Marsa Alam

The Governor of the Red Sea governorate, Major General Ahmad Abdallah, announced that plastic bags in Marsa Alam would soon be banned.

Abdallah announced earlier in June that plastic bags in Hurghada would be banned in favor of using eco-friendly alternative bags made of paper, cloth and other materials.

The ban has been applied in 90 percent of Hurghada’s areas, he told Al-Masry Al-Youm, adding that it would implemented by the end of July to 100 percent of the city.

He said that the decision was well received by international tourism companies, and would likely raise Hurghada’s classification within ecotourism and marine conservation.

During June and July, no penalties were imposed on violators, he added. Fines will be applied gradually to violators beginning in August, Abdallah said, adding that the punishment could reach to the closure of any facility that does not adhere to the ban.

The ban of plastic bags is intended to protect wildlife and the oceans and to preserve endangered species which have been severely harmed by plastic use, either from ingestion, suffocation or drowning by plastic residues.

They also impact human health, he added.

Abdallah further clarified the decision prohibits the use of plastic bags in food shops including restaurants, supermarkets, groceries, and more. It also prohibits the use of plastic disposable tableware.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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