FM: No Egyptian initiatives on Syria

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry denied media reports about an Egyptian initiative to resolve the Syrian crisis.

There is no such initiative, but Egypt has a vision for solving the Syrian crisis, Shoukry said in response to a question by MENA on claims that Egypt has a new initiative on Syria that excludes the military option.

Speaking to reporters, Shoukry said Egypt supports the political solution to the crisis in Syria, in line with the will of the people and internal consensus to prevent the continuation of the suffering of the people.

Egypt is working with all sides, whether inside Syria or the international and regional quarters, to find a way to kick-start and activate the political solution, he said.

As for the situation in Yemen, he said Egypt is following up closely the developments in the country. Egypt hopes Yemen will overcome the political challenges it is currently facing, he said.

Turning to Libya, he said Egypt is keen on the unity and stability of Libya and backs the political solution in light of the initiative approved by Libya’s neighboring countries in August in a Cairo meeting that called for holding dialogue among violence-renouncing sides.

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