FM: Egypt will respect results of south Sudan referendum

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Sunday declared that Egypt would respect the results of Sunday's referendum in Sudan on southern independence, expressing hope that the results–whatever they were–would serve to bolster peace and development in the region.

"Egypt is satisfied with the cooperation and understanding shown by both parties [north and south Sudan] for a comprehensive peace agreement geared towards meeting the challenges facing Sudan at this stage,” Abul Gheit said. He went on to call upon all parties–both inside and outside Sudan–to work on maintaining the solid relationship between the country's north and south.
"Whether our brothers in the south choose Sudanese unity or opt for independence, the choice will mark the beginning of a new phase of cooperation, peace and comprehensive development in Sudan and the whole region," the FM said. He expressed hope that Sunday's vote would serve to "create a positive climate in which benefits can be achieved in the post-referendum stage.”

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