FM: Egypt keen on establishing ME nuclear-free region

Egypt is keen on establishing a Middle East region free of weapons of mass destruction, said Foreign Minister Sameh Shourki in statements on Saturday.

The minister made this remark following his meeting with the Finnish coordinator of the deferred 2012 Helsinki conference on nuclear-free Middle East.

He noted that Egypt floated a proposal in the Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT), which took place in 2010 in the UN headquarters in New York, to implement what has agreed upon in 1995 to establish a nuclear arms-free zone in the Middle East.

The minister explained that the Finnish coordinator's efforts are very positive as he has made a briefing of his contacts over the past four years to help convene the conference and start a process that could lead to freeing the Middle East region from WMDs and reaching a binding legal framework to set up such zone.

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