FJP official: Brotherhood prisoners exceed 10,000 under inhumane conditions

Faisal al-Sayyed, member of the Freedom and Justice Party’s legal committee, said prisoners affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood have grown to 10,000 in three months, the majority whom are being held under inhumane living conditions.
Most of the prisoners were arrested while being treated in hospitals, Sayyed told Egypt Independent. They have been transferred to prisons, where no medical care is provided to the injured.
The Brotherhood prisoners have been accused in the same old repeated cases as all other prisoners, regardless of their circumstances, he added.
What is happening now, according to Sayyed, has far surpassed what occurred under rule of deposed President Hosni Mubarak.
In related news, White House press secretary Jay Carney said, “United States believes that there has to be an end to politicized arrests and detentions.”
In a press conference in Washington on Tuesday, Carney said that US President Barack Obama is obviously closely following events in Egypt, adding that Cairo still remains a high-priority issue.
“Secretary Kerry was recently in Cairo to reiterate US support for the Egyptian people in their transition to democracy and to discuss the way forward with the interim government,” he added.
Carney said that “the interim government that replaced Morsy had the support of millions of Egyptians, as we all know, who believed the revolution had taken a wrong turn. But the interim government also has made decisions inconsistent with inclusive democracy, and we’ve pointed those out.”

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