First Egyptian vaccine against avian flu to be available

An agreement to co-produce an Egyptian vaccine against avian flu has been signed between the National Research Center and the Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Hani el-Nazer, former president of the NRC announced. He added that the Holding Company has already established a fully-equipped factory to produce the vaccine. "The anti-avian flu vaccine will be available over the coming few months," el-Nazer said at a ceremony held on Monday to honor him at the end of his term.

The Ahly Bank of Egypt will finance the building of the National Research Center’s hospital, which will consist of 11 stories and include all specializations, necessary labs and required equipment, el-Nazer added.

Regarding the presidency of the center, el-Nazer said that this is the first time that the president of the center has been nominated by its employees, who are represented in the center’s Leadership Committee. The center’s by-laws only allow for a single renewal of the presidency, so it is not possible for him to run for a third term, he added.

In a hall full of professors and researchers, el-Nazer was overwhelmed by the words of appreciation given by his students who described how proud they were to have been under his tutelage. Dr. Ashraf Shaalan, the new president, said, "I’m in big trouble because I’m the successor of Dr. Hani el-Nazer. So I would like to ask you to back me up."
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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