Finance Minister: Egypt mobilizes all capabilities to increase investment

Egypt mobilizes all its capabilities to prop up investment and local production, affirmed Finance Minister Mohamed Maait.

The government has taken effective steps in implementing structural reform programs and luring more local and foreign investments, added the minister during his meeting with members of the Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce in London.

He further referred to the launch of the State Ownership Policy Document, which identifies the economic sectors that the state plans to withdraw from entirely or increase or reduce its involvement in over the coming three years as part of a plan aimed at creating an attractive and conducive environment for the country’s stagnant private sector to expand and attracting local and foreign investments.

The minister, meanwhile, noted that Egypt managed to attain an initial surplus by about 1.2% of the gross domestic product (GDP) over the past 11 months of the current fiscal year that ends on 30 June.

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