Final vote on constitution draft expected Thursday: Amr Moussa

A final vote on the constitution draft is expected to start on Thursday afternoon if the committee manages to work through the preamble and other controversial articles, said chairman Amr Moussa.

The constitutional committee approved on Wednesday an article that guarantees a fair representation for laborers, farmers, youth, Copts, Egyptian expatriates and disabled people.
There have been quarrels over the representation of women and laborers after the committee approved positive discrimination for women.
The session continued until late Wednesday as the committee members could not settle a dispute over the preambles suggested by Al-Azhar and Nour Party on the one hand, and the three churches on the other.
Sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm the committee would rather include neither of them and leave the current wording of the preamble as it is.
Tamarod representative Mahmoud Badr also walked out of Wednesday's session against the electoral system approved in the constitution draft.
The session witnessed quarrels between Mona Zoul Faqqar and representative of the independent labor unions Ahmed Khairy over positive discrimination for women as included in Article 11. Khairy called for a similar system for workers.

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