Film company boycotts Algeria

An Egyptian film company has decided not to allow its films to be shown in Algeria as part of an ongoing dispute between those two countries following alleged acts of hooliganism by Algerian fans against Egyptians attending a World Cup qualifying match played in Sudan last week.

The company canceled a private viewing of its film Cousins that was to take place in Algeria. It also said it would boycott all Algerian cultural events and would not invite Algerian artists to participate in events it organizes in Egypt.

The company has also decided the replace the Algerian director of an upcoming film an Egyptian director, although the Algerian has already been paid in full, according to the company.

The company also decided not to charge Sudan any fees for showing "Cousins" there, in appreciation of the Sudanese security efforts in protecting the Egyptian fans.

However, Amr Atef, who wrote the script for Cousins, said he disagrees with the company. "The decision contradicts the main message of the film, which calls for Arab unity," he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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