Female detainees from Abbasseya clashes released Saturday

All the female detainees arrested by the military during the clashes between protesters and the military police in Abbasseya on Friday have been released, according to a high-ranking military general.

Major General Adel Morsy, head of the military judiciary, said that according to the law the detainees pending investigation have the right to submit grievances against their detention.

He said the final number of detainees had yet to be determined, and that circulated media reports on the number of detainees were not true, because the military judiciary is the only authority which can announce the number and carry out investiagions. 

Approximately 300 protesters remainded in custody pending investigations on Saturday.

The military juidiciary had sent female detainnees to Al-Qanater Prison and the male detainnees to the Appeal Prison before the decision to release the female prisoners came. Morsy said one of them was a minor, who was handed over to her family. 

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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