Father of slain student in Mansoura reports social media pages to police


Father of slain student at Mansoura University reported to the police on Saturday some pages on social media that claimed that the family of the victim demanded LE 5 million compensation to waive the case against the murderer.

Ashraf Abdel-Qader filed his report to the General Administration of Information Technology and Combating Cybercrime in Tanta city, Gharbeya governorate.

Naira’s father submitted a screenshot with some social media pages in Mansoura and others in Cairo.

He added that these pages offended them and caused them severe emotional stress and it was all fake news.

He pointed out that he did not issue these statements nor any of his family members and he will not give up the blood of his daughter and the execution of her killer.

Abdel-Qader stressed that he did not demand any compensation for the killing of his daughter Naira at all.


During the family’s defense pleading in the court, his requests and the legal procedures were compensation for the civil right in the amount of one million pounds.


But that this is a natural procedure and legal formality in criminal court pleadings.

He stressed that he did not demand any final compensation and will not accept any ransom money in exchange for waiving the death penalty.


Hadeer Ashraf, the older sister of the late student Naira, demanded not to publish any pictures of her sister on any social media sites because of the exaggerated abuse she is subjected to and the lack of respect for the family and the sacredness of the dead.


The victim’s sister published messages she received on her personal page on social media, and those messages contained an offer of a sum of money amounting to LE 7 million in exchange for waiving the case against the killer, Mohamed Adel.


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