Family fights in Qalyubiya leave 3 dead

Three people belonging to the same family were killed on Tuesday in the village of Sanafeer in Qalyubiya after a fight with a neighboring family.

Individuals involved in the fight used clubs and axes. The bodies were taken to Qalyub Hospital.

Moving to the scene of the clashes, police services learned that the fight had erupted when children from the Sabaaya family trespassed on land owned by the Abdel Razak family to play there. Abdel Hamid Abdel Razek, 39, his son Mahmoud, 20, and Araby Saeed Ali, 30, were killed in the clash after suffering serious wounds.

Police forces managed to apprehend two people involved in the fight: Mahmoud Awwad Sabaaya, 67, and his brother Ahmed, 65. Both have been referred to prosecutors. Three others remain at large.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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