Facebook users demand justice for 2 Copts killed Sunday

Information and photos of two youths named Mina Danial and Michael Mosaad, whose lives were lost during violence outside the state TV building late on Sunday, circulated on the internet on Monday.

Facebook users created pages calling for punishing those in charge of killing them and 22 other protesters.

Mosaad’s fiancee Vivian posted, saying her fiance died due to a security failure and tension between the armed forces and protesters, laying responsibility of his death on everyone.

Hundreds of Facebook users joined a page called “We’re all Mina Danial.”

The page posted photos of the Danial, saying he was a member of  the Youth for Justice and Freedom movement and that he took part in the 25 January revolution and the Tahrir Square protests that followed it. It said that he was injured on 28 January, known as the Friday of Anger.

Danial died under the wheels of an armored vehicle during the violence last night.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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