Facebook should be blocked over exam leaks: Education Ministry

Education Ministry Spokesperson Bashir Hassan has called for Facebook to be banned in Egypt to prevent the leakage of high school exams online.
Hassan said in a phone-in on al-Assema channel Tuesday that confronting the circulation of exams online is the responsibility of the whole state. He called on state institutions to cooperate in eliminating the phenomenon.
Blocking Facebook during the period of the general secondary exams (thanaweya amma) would be in the public interest, Hassan said, adding that there are other means to confront cheating if Facebook is not suspended.
Hassan stressed the need to educate citizens about the seriousness of the leaking of general secondary school exams, adding that the ministry will be employing new strategies to reduce the phenomenon.
Hassan praised the education minister's decision to cancel the Religion exam after it was leaked.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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