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Facebook cuts off live broadcast of Egyptian channel interviewing Gaza correspondent

Facebook cut off the live broadcast of “Masaa DMC” (Evening program) on the Egyptian TV channel DMC on Sunday, during an interview with Palestinian journalist Wael al-Dahdouh discussing his son’s death.

Egyptian journalist Osama Kamal said: “Facebook and YouTube cut off the live broadcast of Masaa DMC program, while speaking with Palestinian journalist Wael al-Dahdouh, who was talking about the death of his son Hamza, and the broadcast was also cut off from the channel.”

Dahdouh commented on the Israeli occupation’s targeting of his family and the killing of his son Hamza, saying: “It is all from God Almighty, and the decision of the Almighty God, who is our choice, and this is what can be said in the presence of death and martyrdom.”

“I lost my firstborn, Hamza, and we only say we belong to God and to him we shall return. And what God has written we must accept, be satisfied with, and surrender to.”

“We ask God to write us with those who are patient and to accept my son Hamza, my wife, my son Mahmoud, my daughter Sham, my grandson Adam, all the relatives, all the martyrs, my colleague Samer, the martyrs of the Palestinian press and the Palestinian people,” Dahdouh said.

The Palestinian journalist continued, “Targeting us became clear, as the house to which we were displaced was targeted, then my house in Gaza, then me and my colleague Samer, may God have mercy on him, then the labor office, and finally my son Hamza.”

He pointed out that the “Targeting is a message of pressure so that we do not carry out our mission, and this will never stop us because we are carrying out a noble humanitarian mission.”

Dahdouh said that the occupation talks about journalists being part of the battle, and “They believe that every time they target us, the content of the coverage will not change. Despite everything, we enjoy the highest levels of professionalism, and we want to remind the world that only wants to listen to one story and does not move a finger regarding what journalists are exposed to.”

He explained that within three months, 109 journalists were killed – something that did not happen across the 20 years of the Vietnamese war.

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