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Explosions heard near Ukraine’s capital Kyiv

Explosions have been reported in the region of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, early on Thursday morning.

“The enemy launched a rocket attack on a community in the Vyshhorod district this morning. An infrastructure target was hit,” Oleksiy Kuleba, head of Kyiv’s regional state administration said on Telegram.

Emergency services are already on site, Kuleba said, adding that information on victims is not yet known.

The Kyiv city state administration urged residents to seek shelter as the air raid alarm is still in effect.

Some context: Russia initially attacked and occupied multiple Kyiv suburbs following the start of its invasion in February, before the Kremlin withdrew its forces in April from around the capital to concentrate on the east of the country. Sporadic Russian attacks against Kyiv have occurred since the withdrawal, including a series of deadly missile strikes last month.

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