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‘Explosion’ art exhibition defines how beautiful mess should be

The “Explosion” art exhibition by abstract artist Shahira Shoukry is set to launch on Saturday, February 23 and will run for two weeks until March 9 at the Mashrabia Contemporary Art Gallery.

“The exhibition depicts explosion from various perspectives; it reflects different explosions that I myself experienced,” Shoukry told Egypt Independent.

Exceptionally revealing the surrounding society from her own artistic view, Shoukry believes that colors, as well as textures, are perfectly qualified to deliver the sudden eruption of mixed emotions, flowers, buildings and more.

“In one of the exhibited projects, I used color fusion by which I mix some architectural shapes showing population explosion,” Shoukry added, clarifying that architectural explosion can be best described through shapes.

Regarding shapes’ effects in art, Shoukry pointed out that sharp shapes could make someone feel trapped, unlike round shapes that enhance the feeling of being free, whether you’re located in a space that you belong to or not.

“Bright colors feature happiness, while dark shades show sorrow,” she stated, assuring that explosions are not always portrayals for crises.

No matter how long emotions are locked inside someone, they will no doubt explode someday, setting the person free. Shoukry will present to you her feelings and thoughts through color blends that are strongly influenced by society.

“Wooden locks, gold and silver leaves, in addition to layering, are my all-time favorite tools by which to express whatever comes to my mind,” she mentioned.

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