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Experts reveal shocking scenarios for the sinking of Alexandria

The issue of climate change has become the talk of the whole world during the past few years and the current period as well.

This is mostly due to the “global warming” crisis that the earth is suffering as a result of the Industrial Revolution, which increased has sadly increased emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere for many years now.

The United Nations Climate Committee issued a report on August 9, 2021, in which it confirmed that the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have become so high that it will lead to climate disruption for decades to come.

There are even predictions that this will continue for centuries yet to come.

The COP27 climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh is trying to reach appropriate and rapid solutions to confront these changes.

The African continent, due to the specificity of its geographical location, is one of the continents most vulnerable to the repercussions of the global warming crisis facing the world.

Unfortunately, Egypt in particular is heavily affected as a result of its lands being located in the desert and semi-arid spaces.

These are considered among the countries most affected by the negative effects of climate fluctuations.

During the past few hours, the governorate of Alexandria witnessed heavy rains since the early hours of Sunday, November 13, and heavy rains, which caused the flooding of its streets with rainwater, especially the al-Ajami neighborhood, where the level of rainwater rose.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority published pictures in which people appeared using small boats to commute after the streets were flooded and which made it extremely difficult to walk.

There have been many pleas from the people to try and dry up the rainwater after this catastrophic result.

The Governor of Alexandria Mohamed el-Sherif stressed that the city is most affected by climatic change, noting that this matter has definitely increased interest and urgency to address the negative effects of climatic changes that carry economic burdens on the state.

For his part, Dr. Magdy Allam, Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Environmental Experts, commented that all sea shores are threatened by drowning, not just the coast of Alexandria.

He said that with the melting of ice, sea levels rise by large percentages and quickly.

The melting of 4 centimeters of ice leads to a rise in sea levels by 40 centimeters, which affects the sandy beaches, and the beaches between Rashid and Damietta are in a very dangerous situation.

Allam indicated that the Ministry of Irrigation supplies the beaches with large quantities of sand every year to compensate for the effects of the rising sea level and beach erosion, in addition to the severity of hurricanes and winds, which have a very big role in affecting and eroding the sandy beaches. The ministry also built huge boulders and bumpers to reduce the phenomenon of erosion in Alexandria.

Ahmed Abdel-Aal, the former head of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, explained that with the climatic changes, Egypt has witnessed violent rains, especially as we continue in the autumn season, and the seriousness of the impact on the sea shores is the result of confirmed studies as a result of rising sea levels.


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