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Expat investor plans to establish Egypt’s first international medical city

The Viceroy for Cheshire County, UK, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the St. George Healthcare Group, Nasser Fouad announced that he is currently working with a group of investors to establish the first international medical city in Egypt.

The city will include an integrated university for medical sciences, an English medical college, a college of physiotherapy, and a college of nursing, the degrees of which are awarded directly from the UK for the first time in Egypt.

The project is located on an area of about seventy acres with very huge investments, and will be located in front of the Administrative Capital on the Suez Road.

Students will complete their studies and obtain their degree from a British university, allowing them to travel and work in the UK, which is completely equivalent to European certificates.

Fouad praised the investment climate in Egypt and said that it is capable of attracting capital in various projects.

Work is also underway to establish a project for an integrated village for the elderly, as well as an academy for people with special needs, he added.

He praised the efforts made by the Egyptian government in infrastructure and national projects, foremost of which is the Administrative Capital, which is only about ten kilometers from the International Medical City project.

Fouad referred to distinct areas of investment in Egypt in education, health, industry, agriculture, commerce and real estate, calling on Egyptian businessmen and Egyptian investors abroad to get acquainted closely with the investment opportunities in Egypt and its advantages as well as the incentives offered by the Egyptian government.

Investing in Egypt has great advantages, he said, due to its young workforce as well as the diversity of investment fields, opportunities and competitive advantages.


Why invest in Egypt?

Fouad recently participated in the campaign “Egyptian Investors Abroad Answer: Why do we invest in Egypt?”, launched by the Ministry of Immigration to promote investment in Egypt and communicate with investors outside Egypt.

Immigration Minister Soha Gendy explained that the campaign aims to highlight the Egyptian market’s attractive factors and promising investment opportunities, in light of the development process taking place there – including the development of infrastructure to create an appealing climate for investors.

The campaign features short videos in which Egyptian experts abroad give a brief presentation and testimony on investment in Egypt, she said.

“We are keen to convey the messages of Egyptian investors residing abroad, and their experience of investing in Egypt, so that it becomes a living example of the facilitations and incentives that the Egyptian government is providing, the latest of which is the golden license for investors,” the minister explained.

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