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Exhibition of rare photos held at Royal Chariots Museum to celebrate its one-year anniversary

The museum includes about 470 artifacts, particularly 40 royal chariots

Titled “The Royal Chariots Museum – an archival view”, a temporary exhibition of the museum’s rare archival photos by the Royal Chariots Museum kicked off on Sunday for two months celebrating the one-year anniversary of its opening, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced in a statement Sunday.

The exhibition is the first archival exhibition of the documents of the The Royal Chariots Museum, said the Director General of the Museum Nabila Hassanein.

The exhibition includes a set of archival photos of the royal chariots, as well as administrative correspondence related to the daily activities and affairs of the workers, including salaries, promotions and penalties, in addition to the requirements of chariots, and horse accessories, medical services and diet, she added.

The Royal Chariots Museum was inaugurated on October 31, 2020, to narrate the history of royal vehicles in Egypt during the modern era, which were used for transportation as well as important and official ceremonies.

The museum includes about 470 artifacts, most notably 40 royal chariots of different sizes and types, and a set of horse kits and its supplies, the clothes of the carriage drivers, who put on clothes with colorful decorations in bright colors.

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