Ex-Lebanon President calls for meeting with Azhar on govt collapse

Former Lebanese President Amin al-Gemayel called for meeting with Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayyeb, who is head of Lebanon’s highest Sunni religious authority, to discuss methods of resolving Lebanon’s government crisis.

Joined by one independent minister, ten ministers from the Hezbollah-dominated 8 March coalition resigned last week, causing the 11-member shortfall necessary to dissolve the cabinet.

The Lebanese opposition, led by Hezbollah, announced the failure of the Saudi-Syrian initiative to settle disputes in the unity government regarding the international tribunal that is investigating former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's assasination.

Egypt expressed its support last week for Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri’s efforts to avoid potential crisis in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, observers say Egypt, the biggest Sunni Arab country, seeks to enhance communication with the 14 March coalition in Lebanon in order to confront powers loyal to Iran and Syria, especially the Shiite Hezbollah.

State news agency MENA said al-Gemayel will meet with al-Tayyeb to inform him of the latest developments in Lebanon and discuss his vision towards resolving the standoff and assuring stability of the country.

The Grand Imam will meet with the former Lebanese president on Sunday at Azhar to review the situation, MENA cited Ambassador Mohamed Refaiey al-Tahtawy, Azhar spokesperson, as saying. It added that the president’s request to meet the Grand Imam comes within in the framework of Azhar’s global role as representative of Islamic and Arab communities on the international stage.

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