Ex-housing minister referred to criminal court for second time

Egypt's attorney general on Wednesday referred former Housing Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Suleiman and two businessmen for criminal trial for the second time on charges of corruption and misappropriating public funds.

According to the referral statement, which was issued on Thursday, Suleiman and the two businessmen, Yahya Komi and Imad Hazek, illegally made a profit of LE37 million through the abuse of Suleiman’s influence as a government official.

According to a statement from the prosecution, which was published on its official Facebook page, investigations revealed that Suleiman had "abused his authority by agreeing to the allocation of three plots of residential land in exclusive areas of New Cairo City to his son, wife and daughter."

Suleiman is accused of exceeding the permitted amount of land allocated for one family, having previously allocated land to his wife and children in the same region. His alleged intention was to make illegal profits of LE14 million for himself and his family.

The investigations also revealed that Suleiman agreed to “requests made by the two defendants, Yahya Komi and Emad Alhazk, and a third deceased defendant, Ibrahim Wagdy Karrar, to illegally allocate residential plots of land to them and their families in exclusive areas of New Cairo City."

The statement went on to say that Suleiman "had previously allocated residential lands in the same region to those mentioned with the intention of enabling them to illegally make profits of LE23,861,000 from this land."

According to the statement, a number of complaints have also been made against Suleiman related to investment projects for a number of companies. The statement said that prosecutors are still investigating these complaints.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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