Evicted Duweiqa residents protest at governorate headquarters

Around 26 families displaced by demolition orders in Duweiqa spent Monday night on the sidewalk outside the headquarters of Cairo Governorate to protest their lack of housing. The families say they will remain on the sidewalk until they receive new apartments in Manshiyet Nasr as compensation for their homes, which were demolished more than two months ago.

Protesters covered the sidewalks with blankets they had brought to protect them from the cold weather and raised banners urging Gamal Mubarak and First Lady Suzanne Mubarak to intervene on their behalf.

"After our homes were demolished, we put up some tents next to the housing office," said Ahmed Mansour Abdel Meguid, one of the displaced Duweiqa residents, "but two weeks ago, at midnight, we were attacked by Central Security Forces."

Abdel Meguid said that the residents went to Moqattam, believing the tents had been moved there. When they discovered that the tents were missing they decided to protest in front of the governorate headquarters.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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