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Everything you need to know about the third phase of Egypt’s ‘green metro’ line

Al-Masry Al-Youm published a report about the third phase of the third metro line after the Minister of Transport inspected on Tuesday the first part of the third phase, which has been completed and extends from Ataba area to Kit Kat area.


1-The project is implemented in three stages:

-The first part (3A): An interchange station with the first metro line. It is located on an area of ​​7,100 square meters, and consists of four floors. It includes 52 ticket gates, 4 TVM ticket machines, and 37 escalators from street level to the station platform.

-The first part extends from Ataba to Kit Kat, areas, at a length of four km, and includes four tunnel stations: the Nasser, Maspero, Safaa Hegazy and Kit Kat stations, passing through the tunnel under the Nile from Maspero Station to Safaa Hegazy Station in Zamalek.


-The second part of the third phase (3B):

It extends over 6.6 km from Kit Kat station to the final station at the Rod al-Farag axis and includes six stations namely Sudan, Imbaba, al-Boha al-Qawmiyya al-Arabiya, Ring Road, and Rod al-Farag Axis stations.

The ring road station will be linked with the BRT buses project, which will run on the ring road after the completion of its development to achieve service exchange between the two projects.

-The third part (C3): Extends for a length of 7.1 km from the Kit Kat station to Cairo University, passing through Wadi al-Nile Street, the Arab League Street, and Boulaq al-Dakrour area.

It includes five stations: al-Tawfiqia Wadi El-Nile, Bulaq  and Cairo University.


2- The third metro line is considered the first transverse artery to connect east and west of Greater Cairo.

3- The third metro line extends over 41.2 km and includes 34 stations (21 tunnel stations, two surface stations and 11 upper stations).

4- Three phases of the third metro line have been completed and operated at a length of about 24 km. The first phase extends from Ataba to al-Abbasiya at a length of 4.4 km and includes five tunnel stations, the second extends from Abbasiya to Haroun area at a length of 7.7 km and includes four tunnel stations, the fourth extends over 11.5 km and includes ten stations including four tunnel stations and six overhead stations.

The third phase is being implemented.


5- The third metro line links all components of the rail transport network using electric traction including the subway, the monorail and the light electric train.

6- It exchanges passenger transport service with the first metro line at Nasser station and with the second line at Ataba and Cairo University stations and with the light electric train at Adly Mansour station. It is integrated with the eastern the Nile monorail at the Stadium station and with the western the Nile monorail at Wadi al-Nile station.

7- This line includes the largest workshop in the Middle East and Africa on an area of ​​65 acres and includes 32 buildings in which heavy and light overhauls of trains are carried out in addition to comprehensive washing, painting and renewal of railway wagons. It is also equipped to store trains with a capacity of 30 trains.

8- Thirty-two new trains are currently being supplied, conforming to the highest modern technological specifications to accommodate the expected increase in the number of passengers after the opening of the fourth phase. Twenty-one trains were supplied, 13 of which entered service, while the components for six trains were supplied.

The first train was assembled and is under tests. The second and third trains are also being assembled at the SEMAF factory.

The third line, after its completion, is expected to transport about 1.5 million passengers per day.

9- This project will be a sustainable and environmentally-friendly mass transportation network.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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