“Europe will always stand with you,” EU chief tells Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska that the alliance’s support for her nation is “unwavering,” as world leaders and policymakers gathered at the World Economic Forum Tuesday.

“In this last year your country has moved the world and has inspired Europe and I can assure you that Europe will always stand with you,” von der Leyen said, following an address by the Ukrainian first lady.

The European Commission president said Europe had implemented “the strongest sanctions ever which leave the Russian economy facing a decade of regression and its industry starved of any modern and critical technologies.”

She reiterated that there would be “no impunity” for Russia’s actions and that there would be “no let-up in our steadfast support to Ukraine.”

Some context: Western allies of Kyiv, including the US, the UK and the European Union, have remained steadfast in their support for Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion.

Countries including Poland, France and the UK recently pledged to send tanks to the Ukrainian military, while the US announced a new $1.8 billion aid package to Ukraine in December.

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