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EU to announce financial package for Egypt totaling 7.4 billion euros: Report

The Financial Times reported that a large financial package from the European Union (EU) worth 7.4 billion euros may be announced during the EU delegation’s visit to support the Egyptian economy.

European diplomatic sources announced that the high-level delegation from the EU will arrive in Cairo on Sunday.

The delegation will be headed by President of the European Union Commission Ursula von der Leyen, and includes the Prime Minister of Belgium (the current President of the European Union), the Prime Minister of Italy, the Prime Minister of Greece, the Austrian Chancellor, and the Cypriot President, the sources said.

The European delegation’s unprecedented visit will include the first ever signing of an agreement to raise relations between Egypt and the EU to that of a comprehensive strategic partnership, the sources said.

This reflects the extent of European interest in relations with Egypt as it is the largest country in the region and a pillar of stability there, they added.

The Italian Nova news agency also reported that Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will visit Cairo on Sunday, where agreements will be signed in various fields as part of the Mattei Plan, to eliminate the causes of illegal immigration.

The Italian agency stated that Meloni’s presence in Egypt comes within the broader context of the visit of the EU delegation’s visit.

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