EU ambassador: Brotherhood and Salafis against restricting freedom of belief

The EU has received reassurances from the Muslim Brotherhood that there will be no restrictions on freedom of religion in Egypt, EU Ambassador to Egypt Marc Franco has said, adding that Copts are not worried about conditions in the country.

Saturday's edition of independent newspaper Youm7 quoted Franco as saying that he has held lengthy talks with the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party as well as with the Salafi-led Nour Party, and everyone has agreed that there will be no restrictions on freedom of belief.
He added that Egyptian Coptic officials have also said they are not worried about the situation and they trust the government to uphold their freedom.
He said that he sees no contradiction between religion and democracy and hence Islam and democracy. Democracy can thrive even with Islamists in power, he pointed out.
Franco criticized officials' tendency to hold unknown foreign parties responsible for the crises that have hit the country recently, saying the 25 January revolution was purely Egyptian.
He said the fact that more than 60 percent of Egyptians voted in the People's Assembly elections reflects their ability to participate in the political process, and that this is a tool for uniting Egyptians.

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