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Environmental fines for slaughtering sacrificial animals on the street

Cairo Governor Khaled Abdel Aal has announced that environmental fines will be issued to anyone who slaughters sacrificial animals on the street and leaves behind waste and blood.

The fine amount will vary depending on the severity of the violation and can reach up to LE 10,000.

The governor emphasized the importance of maintaining public health and safety during the Eid al-Adha holiday.

He stressed that slaughtering animals should only be done in designated slaughterhouses to ensure the proper handling of meat and prevent the spread of diseases.

The governor also announced a ban on setting up stalls to display live sacrificial animals on public roads, whether by individuals or butcher shops.

This measure aims to prevent traffic congestion and maintain the cleanliness of public spaces during the Eid al-Adha holiday.Violators will face strict action and legal consequences.

Abdel Aal also reiterated that all government slaughterhouses in Cairo will be operating 24 hours a day throughout the Eid period to accommodate the increased demand for slaughtering services.

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