Environment Ministry clamps down on factory pollution

Minister of Environment, Maged George said that in cooperation with the Greater Cairo branch of the environmental police, his ministry has identified environmental violations committed by 27 brick factories.

In a press statement on Saturday, George said that the responsible factories were all located in the al-Badrasheen area of 6 October City and Helwan. Their emissions were deemed to be in violation of environmental safety standards.

The statement also said that the ministry launched a one-day campaign in cooperation with the environmental police to investigate possible violations by granite and marble factories in the area of Shaq al-Tebaan in Helwan.

The campaign, according to the statement, has found five factories which are in breach of the environmental safety standards set out in law 4/1994 and its amendment law 9/2009. Furthermore, the statement went on, these factories did not keep records of the effect their activities were having on the surrounding environment and had not adopted the required measures to reduce pollution.

George said that environmental legislation has to be implemented and has referred those in violation to the public prosecution.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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